Nadia Vlastou

Nadia Vlastou is a trainer, a facilitator, and an educator. She teaches Physical Improvisation, which is a technique she has developed in Improvibe and Act Attack in Athens. She also develops and facilitates business trainings using the tools of Applied Improvisation and Physical Theatre under the topics: Presentation Skills, Team Building, Intercultural Communication, etc.

In her early career, she used to conduct and facilitate Theatrical workshops for children and teenagers including Hudson River Arts Workshop in New York (as part of an Internship). Regarding her education, she holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Educational Sciences majoring in Experiential Education from KUL in Belgium.

She got her training in Improvisational Theatre in Janus International Theatre (Leuven – Belgium) and in Improvibe (Athens). Her main teacher in Physical Theatre was Aspasia Miliaraki whose courses she had attended in Theatre of Changes. She has also attended Duende’s workshops on Physical Theatre as well as the “Only Connect” Residency led by John Britton, the founder of Duende.

She has been teaching physical improv courses with Act Attack since 2020.

Current courses

Physical Improv allowed me to realise that I no longer need a limiting belief I used to have which had kept me from fully expressing myself, and that now I have got rid of it. Through this technique, I was allowed to freely express myself through movement, and to open up my wings!
Ariadni Evangeliou Rachioti