Improv and Acting Courses in Athens

Fun English-speaking courses
for everyone who loves theater

🎭 Act Attack is a place where you can increase your confidence and public speaking skills through theater.

πŸ™Œ We offer improv and acting courses in Athens that are fun and affordable.

β˜„οΈ Our courses are designed to make you connect with others, experiment, GROW, PLAY and have FUN!

At Act Attack we create a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere in all our classes. Learn the core skills of acting and improv in our fun and supporting courses in Athens. We create a friendly, fun, sociable and intimate atmosphere in all our classes where people are free to play and be themselves. You don’t need any previous experience in improv, comedy or acting to take part!

If you are new to acting, take a look at our ABC's courses, a great way to make a start in a fun, supportive atmosphere before moving on to Intermediate levels.

If you're looking for friends or want to explore your creativity and gain confidence and new skills then this is the place for you!

Improv and acting courses are coming up, pick the one that inspires you the most πŸš€

Or pick two, and get a 10€ discount!

What they're saying

Physical Improv allowed me to realise that I no longer need a limiting belief I used to have which had kept me from fully expressing myself, and that now I have got rid of it. Through this technique, I was allowed to freely express myself through movement, and to open up my wings!
Ariadni Evangeliou Rachioti